Mar. 27th, 2010

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The largest international organisation for animal bone specialists is ICAZ - International Council for ArchaeoZoology. They arrange a conference every four years, last time it was in Mexico City (2006) and this year it will be in Paris. Talks from previous conferences have been published - the 2002 meeting in Durham spans 14 volumes, and while not all papers are relevant for my work or for my interests, many have been highly useful.

The three main themes for the 2010 conference are archaeozoology in central and eastern Europe, Palaeolithic archaeozoology and the history of archaeozoology, neither of which are relevant for my job. Archaeozoology in central and eastern Europe could be interesting, depending on time periods or subjects, but until I see which talks will be given, I can’t really tell the level of interest. There will also be several general sessions, which can contain anything.

I would like to go to Paris, but I’m debating with myself whether I should go or not. My main problem is the cost: €280 if you book before the end of April (€350 after), and then you have to add the $20 yearly membership. In an ideal world, my employer would pay for me, but this isn’t an ideal world - it’s a world where construction companies (professional archaeology’s biggest employer) are still struggling, and no archaeology company in the UK have tons of money to spare for such frivolous expenses as a technically non-relevant conference. It is quite a lot of money, and accommodation (and food?) in Paris in August is not going to be cheap. Travel costs, well, compared to Mexico City, it will be affordable. The networking opportunities would probably be rather good, particularly regarding non-UK archaeozoologists. Most of the UK ones I see at the PZG meetings.

Perhaps it would be better to see if there will be some European conference later in the year, or next year for that matter, that will focus more on my interests. Hopefully cheaper, as well. On the other hand, if I don’t go now, the next European ICAZ will probably be in 2018. And that’s quite a long wait.

Readers, any opinions?


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