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ossamenta ([personal profile] ossamenta) wrote2016-02-03 10:33 pm

Bone course!

Today has been a day of cold. After a short break, it seems as if the English winter is back, and while the temperature is on the right side of minus, the windchill probably drove it down below. I've been slightly chilled the whole day, from the office to the library to the café, so right now I'm bundled up in bed and intend to stay there until tomorrow morning.

But apart from that it's been a good day. I'm writing up a report on a big Iron Age and Roman site which will keep me busy for several more days and I had a meeting with Angela about the course on animal bones and zooarchaeology at the Natural History Museum that I will be part of. So this weekend I will have to sit down and write the case study I'll be presenting at the course. I have a feeling that the majority of the time will be spent on either hunting up cool photos or making graphs...