ossamenta: Medieval manuscript showing a man trimming the thickness of a hide with a knife (Pergamenter)
ossamenta ([personal profile] ossamenta) wrote2016-09-08 08:41 am

First week at work

A week ago I stepped into the LUX house (theology and humanities) to meet my supervisor and get settled in. It's been the usual slow start - still waiting for a computer for example (luckily I have my laptop so I can do some work) - but that's not unusual.

I've been to the first meeting of the Research Group for the history-related PhD students. It's a very diverse bunch: from "proper" history to minorities' human rights and 2nd century Greek clothing terminology. Last year most PhD students were at the history department, this year there's only one. We will have seminars with the other universities involved in the group, a couple of courses, and there's lots of opportunities for networking both within Scandinavia and internationally. It looks like it'll be good.

It's still warm and summery outside, but I'm trying to resist temptation to go and have ice cream every day and sit in the sun with a cup of tea chatting away the day. I can't fall into bad habits as I have to concentrate on my research. And finish the sheep write-up... *cough*