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This week has been so busy: Monday started with two classes: a general research for masters students, and then the ancient biomolecules class that's my reason for being in York this term. Tuesday morning I was introduced to the BioArCh team at the main campus, and in the afternoon I left for the airport.

I'm part of the National School of Historical Research back home in Sweden and just to make things complicated for me, their big meeting for the first year PhD students took place when I was in the UK. So I had no choice but to fly back to Sweden for the meeting. It was very nice though: for three days we were wined and dined in a hotel/conference centre in a small town near Lund, where each of us had to present our research and got useful constructive criticism, and discuss some general historical themes related to the older PhD students' research in small groups.

I couldn't do the last day: I had to leave at a very early flight to London, and then onwards to Oxford for the Chickens and People conference, where the now-ending Chicken Project presented their very interesting research results. All talks were filmed and I would love to give you the link to the videos, but I just can't find any. Perhaps they're not up yet? I'll keep you posted.

Saturday was back to York, after a wander around Oxford on a beautiful sunny day - I really wish I had had more time there. I had barely come through the door when I was whisked away to a late Burn's Night dinner party, so my plans for an early night was scuppered. But sometimes you just have to prioritize fun in good company before proper sleep.

Sunday was the last day of the York Resident's Festival weekend, where lots of places were open out of season with free entry for York residents and students. Luckily for me most events were both Saturday and Sunday, so I wasn't too limited by only being in town for the Sunday. I managed to see all the things on my list and a few more besides, but oh what a busy day. Not helped by the lack of map in the broschure - they really could learn from the Oxford Open Doors event - I doubled back several times. I particularly liked the 18th townhouse Fairfax House, and it's on my list to visit when it's open regularly. This weekend much furniture were under winter wraps and the dining room was closed.

I wish I could have a long lie-in tomorrow, but as it's Monday, it's a full day's worth of lectures...
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