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- If you are a student who wants to go to the Association for Environmental Archaeology's spring conference in Orkney (combineable with the spring PZG meeting and archaeomalacology working group meeting), but are short of cash, the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) is offering seven bursaries (deadline 15 February).

- The deadline for Association for Environmental Archaeology's research grant is the 31st January. If you're like me, a member of the AEA and planning to do some environmental archaeology related research in 2016, don't forget to apply!

- There is a fully funded PhD on offer at York University, on Mesolithic bone tools and peptide mass fingerprinting for species identification (deadline 11 February). Post-MA me (2000-2001 or so) would have gone for it immediately, but I've not done anything Mesolithic in ages. Well, not since writing my MA dissertation. The project sounds really cool though! Best of luck to whoever gets it.