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(noun, plural - A collection of bones)

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Location:Lund, Sweden
I'm a Swedish archaeologist and osteologist, currently working on my PhD in Historical Archaeology at the University of Lund, Sweden.

My research interests are mainly related to animal husbandry strategies and to crafts, particularly all the crafts that the animal carcasses passed through in medieval towns (butchers, tanners, furriers, bone- and horn workers etc). More practically this translates as (for example): Were sheep used primarily for a particular product (meat, wool, milk)?, Were cattle and sheep butchered in a particular way? What animals were used for their furs? Can we identify a craft being carried out on an archaeological site from the waste products we find there (more difficult than it first seems)? What species were used/preferred for horn working? All answers to these questions are of course not general, but depend on that particular town/region and time period.
Other issues that have intrigued me are sheep sexing methodologies, and their wider application (in combination with ageing) on wool, dairy and meat production in sheep husbandry.

I also do Medieval re-enactment, although focussed on the textile working part rather than the battle and weaponry part. I have a craft blog at

My bibliography can be downloaded as pdf here. My CV will be available for download soonish.

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