ossamenta: Medieval glass painting of St James (York, UK) (St Jakob (York))
ossamenta ([personal profile] ossamenta) wrote2017-01-14 10:48 pm


Tomorrow I fly to York! (well, technically to Manchester...) I would be so much happier about it if a) I had finished the paper that was due this weekend, and b) if I had written up the grant report that's due at the end of the month. So now there's more paper that needs to be squeezed into my suitcase. Poor suitcase. I'm sure it had know what was going to happen to it, it would have hidden at the back of the shop when I came in.

But it will be fun. Admittedly tomorrow will be a very busy day, what with very early start, and then sorting out accomodation, finding time to finish writing the paper, and starting to finding my way around York. I've been there three times, but only for short durations, and it was a few years ago. Still, I doubt the city centre has changed much.