May. 24th, 2011

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There are two interesting conferences coming up this autumn: in September, the Polish Association for Environmental Archaeology has a conference on environmental archaeology on urban sites and in October, the Association for Environmental Archaeology has a conference on Subsistence and surplus production. The AEA conference has finished their programme and there are quite a few interesting talks. The Polish conference, on the other hand, is still open for submissions.

I'm planning to attend the urban archaeology conference and (hopefully) present something there. I haven't quite decided whether to go for the furriers' workshop in Winchester and associated European fur trade, or do a methodology based talk on tanning, horn working and bone working. The fur talk is less multidisciplinary (and therefore less likely to be accepted), but is based on actual finds, whereas the more multidisciplinal methodology talk is less "news" for the experienced people in the audience. Especially since my main thing seems to be "Look, it's more complicated", which is less exciting than "It's more complicated, but this is a possible solution. Tune in again next year for my follow-up talk/article". And since I didn't get the Ph.D. in Lund, it might be a bit optimistic to assume that time and money for an extensive study will show up soon and at the same time.

Unfortunately, the application deadline is 31 May, so I don't have much time to decide (and write).


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