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It's (technically) already November, and I'm having vague thoughts of doing NaNoWriMo this year. Well, sort of: no novel, but getting some words each day on one of my research related projects. I need to get on with writing, even if the text will later be re-edited, possibly to non-recognition. There's the sheep sexing project, my thesis (background stuff can always be written prior to the actual analysis), two hand-in papers for obligatory courses, etc.

However, I'm at home with a massive cold and I'm suspicious that if I don't get started asap, my good intentions will peter out. I know I'm a creature of habit, and if I can do some writing in the evening as part of the general routine, it'll be fine. Meaning: I have to break my habit of browsing the internet for too many hours each evening. And people wonder why I don't have Facebook - that's even more hours of interesting distractions!

Short-term plans:
- get better
- post-illness tidy-up/house cleaning
- write (she wrote hopefully)

Long-term plans:
- put away stuff properly so that the flat is acceptable for friends visiting. Added bonus: I feel so much happier in tidy places, meaning it'll probably be easier for me to be creative, both in academic writing and in my crafts.
- crafting in caf├ęs with some hot chocolate (winter is coming...)


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