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Despite the general view of 2016 as a shit year, with lots of beloved celebrities dying, it was quite a good year for me. I got accepted as a fully funded PhD student in Sweden, and in the middle of summer I packed (almost all) my belongings in a van and did an international move. Workwise I primarily assessed one big multi-period rural site and two medieval/post-medieval Oxford College kitchen assemblages that my successor in Oxford will do the reports for. I hope he does them well - I really love the college assemblages. Definitely an idea for a post-doc there, if I can get a good angle that will appeal to the buzzwords of 2020.

After the move I had hoped to be fully moved in by mid-autumn, but no. Still stuff everywhere, and will probably be so for the next year too. It's hard to get going with proper organizing when you have a full work week to, so to say, work around. I still haven't used my new sofa, as it's been full of various paperwork. (Look: a flat surface - quick, put something on it!)

The PhD-ing seems to go well. The expected first term flailing around and getting one's bearings, two obligatory courses that interfered with research, but better do them now than later on, when it's more stressful.

All the money got spent in the move, so there were no conferences or long holidays this time, not even a PZG meeting. Next year I have a 10-week course in York to look forward to, and I hope to be able to take some time for mini-breaks in the north of England (and Scotland?) then.
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I looked at last year's End of the Year review, and had a bit of deja vu. This has been another Christmas spent writing PhD applications. Hopefully I'll have better luck with these ones.

Otherwise, 2015 has been quite a good year for me. Workwise I've been occupied with one Roman semi-urban site with a huge bone working deposit and one Iron Age - Roman rural site with lots of Iron Age ritual deposits, i.e. weird semi-articulated or whole animal burials often in pits. All the recording has been done for the last one, and in January I'll write the report. I'd like to find time to write an article on the bone working deposit - they are not that common from Roman sites, and this one is quite odd compared to other published ones.

I went to the PZG meeting in August, where we discussed interesting new research and methods of dog/fox/wolf identification. Then in the beginning of September I went to Glasgow for the EAA conference and had a great time! It was followed up with a short holiday in Edinburgh (it's only an hour away from Glasgow, so whyever not?). I apologise for not having written up the conference report yet. I tried to do some tweeting, but I fear this tweet summarizes my conference-tweeting experience. On the other hand, I like twitter as a snapshot commentary and I will definitely keep using it. On the third hand, I'm enough old-school not to have notification of incoming tweets/emails, so it's more an intermittent use than ongoing tweeting for me.

Research-wise, I did some recording of sheep pelves for a sheep sexing study, but I've realised that I need more data (of course...) so my research continues next year. I'm also looking forward to doing the assessment (i.e. preliminary recording and analysis of potential in a bone assemblage) for an Oxford college kitchen assemblage.


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