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Almost the end of November, and on the day after tomorrow the Christmas countdown will begin. Thankfully I've bought most of the presents already (except for the stuff I'll buy at the airport) so I don't have to think about that in the weekend. I might go down to town just to have a hot chocolate and do some people watching.

I wonder what December will be like this year. Last year we had a very cold winter, but so far it's been a very warm autumn. Perhaps it will be a warm vinter too? On one hand, I do love snow and a cold winter, but on the other hand, no snow and higher temperatures means less heating costs. And less chance of Heathrow being closed due to 2 cm snow the day I'm flying in or out... Last year I managed to get out of the UK on one of the last flights before they closed the airport.

Autumn trees on Hampstead Heath, London
Is this what the end of November looks like? Seems more like early-mid October to me...

I've posted two pictures for the photo-meme, if you didn't keep an eye out on the old post.

If you're into environmental archaeology and want to give a talk or present a poster at a conference, the 2012 spring meeting of the Association for Environmental Archaeology will take place on 21st April 2012 at Plymouth University, UK. This year's theme is New trends in environmental archaeology. It will be a student focused meeting, although attendance and presentation from practitioners from the commercial sector and more established academics is encouraged. Oral and poster presentations on any aspect of Environmental Archaeology are welcomed and it is hoped that the full range of sub-disciplines of environmental archaeology will be represented. A limited number of travel bursaries will be available to student presenters. The deadline for abstract submission (250 words max) is 1st February. Registration forms will be up on the AEA website shortly. For further information or to submit an abstract please contact Marta Perez (marta.perez [at] plymouth.ac.uk).

The proceedings from the 7th meeting of the ICAZ Worked Bone Research Group (WBRG) held in September 2009 at the Archaeological Institute of the University of Wrocław, Poland, has recently been published in the following volume:
J. Baron & B. Kufel-Diakowska (eds), 2011. Written in Bones. Studies on technological and social context of past faunal skeletal remains, Wrocław: Instytut Archeologii Uniwersytet Wrocławski
The individual papers as well as the complete volume are accessible online as pdf-files.

I really recommend you having a look at the papers. There's a good variety on time periods and topics, however, the papers only discuss finds from European countries.


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