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Two days in on my holiday and I'm already exhausted. I started this morning with taking the train to Copenhagen to be at the library when it opened. There was no problem with getting a library card even if I don't live in Denmark! After I got the books I wanted from the stacks* I went straight back to the station and took a train back to Sweden, but continued to Lund, where I needed access to an e-journal. Downloaded the articles I needed and went back to Malmö again for the third and most important event: Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch's signing at the SciFi bookshop! The shop was quite full and it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to the front of the queue and get my books signed. I might take advantage of their Copenhagen signing on Tuesday and bring more books...

It's been a really full day and I've promised myself not to have the alarm on tomorrow and to do nothing important. Perhaps cycling out to the beach in the late morning and check out the water temperature. Might bring a bikini and towel just in case.

*: History professor's labour of love, published when he was in his 80s. One single copy in Sweden, in the Royal Library in Stockholm, ten copies in Denmark (Copenhagen library was the place with assumed easiest access).
ossamenta: Text: Women and geeks first! Oh no wait that's all of us. (Women and geeks first)
The first shots of The Hobbit filming!!! Oh, the LotR music... I'm almost tearing up in nostalgia. I was queueing outside the cinema in the very early hours of the morning to get tickets for The Fellowship in 2001 - I can't believe it was so many years ago.

(YouTube link if embedding doesn't work)

And slim Peter Jackson! Bag End! Martin Freeman carrying the dwarves' weapons! Aidan Turner in a buzz cut (I hope it's just for the movie and not permanent < /shallow>) Rivendell! Andy Serkis in a motion capture suit!

I'm full of squee! (although I agree with ellen_fremedon's* minor rant on Peter Jackson's diphthongisation of the dwarves' names, nerd that I am.) I can't wait until... *checks imdb* December 2012, apparently. The first part, that is. Part two comes the year after.

*: It took me many years before I realised that ellen fremedon wasn't her real name...
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On a more positive note than last post, here's Tattúínárdœla saga, a.k.a. Star Wars as an Icelandic saga.

Excerpt: Lúkr swears vengeance, accepts the gift of his father’s sword Ljósamækir from Víga-Óbívan, and with the help of the mercenary Hani (if scholars are correct in emending his name in this way; the manuscript reads “Hann”) and his ship the Þúsundár Fálkinn, sails to find the great ship Dauðastjarna, which Veiðari steers as captain of Falfaðinn’s fleet.


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