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2017 was a relatively busy year: first a few months in York, a mini zooarch conference in Århus, another one in Cardiff, an enforced 4 week summer holiday (quite nice), and then an autumn of emailing people for access to collections etc. My plan was to do all the local museum stuff in October-November or so. That failed. Hopefully I can do the last local museum in January-February. *fingers crossed*

I hope 2018 will be a good year. It will certainly be busy: first I have an intense course in historical/archaeological theory, a mini research trip to the UK, museum visits in Sweden, zooarch conference in Stockholm, writing a conference paper to present in UK in June, a London visit (HAMILTON!!!), possibly a PhD student conference in York, the enforced summer holiday, lab work (100+ samples), writing grant applications for more sampling, and of course write the thesis.

My original plan for 2018 also included the EAA (European archaeology association) conference in Barcelona (never been, would be a fun place to visit) in September. It's also the same time as the ICAZ zooarchaeology conference, this time in Ankara. I'd sort of like to go, as next time (2022) will be not in Europe* and subsequently much more expensive for me, but... time. Money. The usual. I do get access to grants, but there are lots of students and it's no guarantee that you will be fully reimbursed - or even get the grant. EAA will be c. £200 + travel and accommodation. ICAZ is not cheap either.

*: Yes, technically Ankara is in Asia, I know...


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